Free Download British Army ID Cards For Film And TV Template

British Army ID Cards For Film And TVCosplay, and Fun

In a world where authenticity adds depth to creativity, our British Army ID cards offer a unique accessory for various purposes. It’s essential to state upfront that these cards are not official military identification. They are designed for use in film, TV, theatre productions, cosplay events, fancy dress parties, or simply as unique gifts for both adults and children.

Why Choose a British Army ID Card?

For Film, TV, and Theatre

When it comes to making a show or movie, getting the small things right can make a huge difference. Our British Army ID card is just the thing for any scene needing that bit of real-life touch. It’s perfect whether you’re working on a drama set in wartime, a story with modern military themes, or even a piece that goes back in history. These cards are a simple yet effective way to make sure what people see on screen or stage feels genuine.

Cosplay and Fancy Dress

For those who love dressing up, whether it’s for a cosplay event, a fancy dress party, or a photo shoot, getting every detail spot on is key. That’s where our British Army ID card comes in. It’s that extra detail that can turn a good costume into a great one, making you feel like you’re genuinely stepping into the shoes of someone in the army. It’s all about making your outfit as realistic as possible, and our cards are here to help do just that.

Unique Gifts

Looking for something different to give to someone who’s interested in the military or loves collecting interesting items? Our British Army ID card could be just the thing. It’s not just another gift; it’s something that can start conversations, spark interest, or even become a cherished item for someone passionate about military history or memorabilia. You can make it even more special by customising it with a photo, name, and choosing a rank, making it a truly personal present.

Understanding the British Army

The British Army is a key component of the UK’s defence force, known for its rich history and contributions to both national security and international peacekeeping missions. The army engages in various activities, from combat operations to humanitarian aid, showcasing the diverse roles and responsibilities of its personnel. Understanding the essence of the British Army enriches the value of the ID card as a prop or gift, highlighting the honour and discipline associated with military service.

Features of the British Army ID Card

Each British Army ID card includes a photo and the name of the holder, with the option to select a rank from a dropdown list that includes ranks from Private to Field Marshal. This allows for a personalised touch, letting the holder choose a rank that best fits their purpose. The rear of the card features a smaller version of the photo, a signature strip, and a magnetic stripe, adding to the card’s realistic appearance.

Ranks Available for Selection

  • Private
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • General
  • Field Marshal

Why Our British Army ID Cards Are a Must-Have

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of realism to your film, TV, or theatre production, complete your cosplay outfit with an authentic touch, or find a unique gift for a military enthusiast, our British Army replica ID cards are the perfect solution.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own British Army ID card today. Let’s bring your vision to life with a touch of authenticity and a dash of fun. Step into the shoes of a British Army soldier with pride and precision.


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