UAE Resident Permit Card Template in PSD Format

UAE ( united Arab Emirates ) Resident Permit Card Template in PSD Format

The site is trying to talk about a specific product today. If you work in the field of PSD files, don’t miss this article. If you want to download the UAE residence permit card PSD file and customize or change it according to your needs. You can add a name, ID number, issue date, expiration date, address, and eye color, and edit the DD number, picture, signature, height, etc. A driving license can be used to prove your identity in a country.


Using Photoshop to edit UAE residence permit card

If you plan to use the UAE residence permit card file, you need a professional editor, so first let me say that we also work in the field of editing. Well, one more thing you can do is to have Adobe Photoshop software, you can customize or change it and you can put your name, address, photo, and signature on it. Before using this template, you should know when and where to use it. Please don’t use it for any illegal activities, we will not be responsible for any unlawful activities by using this template. You can use this pattern to make pet tags, joke cards, etc. These templates are fully customizable with multiple layers. All files are super organized and fully layered. All written text, photos, and signatures can be modified or changed and free fonts are used in this scannable format. Download now and have fun with this theme.

Features of Dubai fake id (UAE residence permit card)

The Emirates ID is an identification card issued by the Federal Department for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security-ICP. It is a legal requirement for all UAE citizens and UAE residents to apply for and carry it with them at all times. Emirates ID is used, but this document is not our original, that is, file () for things like:

  1. To receive government services
  2. To verify all sites including Binance, Coinbase, and various exchanges
  3. You can use it as your ID card in some places where you don’t need to be present.Note: According to the ICP, confiscating Emirates ID cards from other people is against the law. Companies are not allowed to withhold UAE ID cards from their employees or customers and visitors. They are only allowed to capture personal information on ID cards. In case of violation, the cardholders should refer the matter to the judicial authorities and be very careful when using this card.


UAE id card Template PSD photoshop used for :

  • Removing PayPal Account Limitation
  • Verifying PayPal Account
  • Facebook Account Verification
  • Skrill Account Verification
  • Neteller Account Verification
  • Payoneer Account Verification
  • Payza Account Verification
  • eBay Account Verification
  • Bitcoin Wallet Verification
  • Any Kind of payment gateway site and etc…

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