TD Bank Statement (USA)

TD Bank is based in Canada and serves approximately 22 million customers across the globe. Officially, the Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are known as TD Bank Group. They offer four primary services: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, Wealth and Insurance, Wholesale Banking including TD Securities, and U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking.

TD Bank offers convenient cross-border banking options for those who spend time in Canada and the United States, whether because of dual citizenship, work or business, or personal travel. There are also options for long-term and short-term travelers that can help bank customers navigate exchange rates.

Bank statements can be obtained online, through the TD Bank app, or by mail. After you sign up for Online Banking, you have the option to go paperless and access all your statements electronically. Then, simply go to statement settings in the app or Online Banking platform to switch to online statements only. In addition, customers can access and download up to seven years of online statements and six months of other documents.

If you choose to go paperless, you can download and print your bank statements at any time. On the TD Bank app, go to “My Accounts” and select your desired account. Then, go to the “Statements” tab, select the statement period you would like to view, and tap download.

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