Scranton University ID card Psd Template

Fully Editable Fake Scranton University ID card Psd Template

Scranton University ID card, also known as the Royal Card, is a multifunctional card that serves as the official identification for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, USA. The Royal Card not only provides identification but also serves as a key to access various services and facilities on campus.

When students first enroll at Scranton University, they are issued a Royal Card, which contains their name, photograph, and a unique identification number. The card also features a magnetic stripe and a barcode that are encoded with information about the cardholder, such as their meal plan, access to residence halls, and library privileges.

One of the primary uses of the Royal Card is as a form of payment. Students can add funds to their Royal Card and use it to purchase goods and services on campus, including textbooks, meals, and even laundry. The card also serves as a key to access the student’s residence hall, allowing them to enter their dormitory building and room.

The Royal Card is also used to access the campus gym, library, and computer labs, which are available to all students. The card can also be used to gain entry to campus events, such as concerts, plays, and sporting events.

In addition to serving as a physical identification card, the Royal Card also provides access to various online services, including email, Blackboard, and the university’s portal, where students can view their grades, course schedules, and other important information.

Overall, the Scranton University ID card, or Royal Card, is an essential tool for students, faculty, and staff at the University of Scranton. It provides access to a wide range of services and facilities, as well as serving as a form of identification and a means of payment on campus.

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