Netspend Bank Statement

Netspend is a global payments company that offers innovative money management tools. They’ve been in business since 1999, have over 120,000 card distribution sites and 130,000 card reload locations. Netspend serves over ten million customers with straightforward, tech-driven accounts that feature services like direct deposit with early access.

Early access means customers can receive their paychecks or government benefits two days earlier than most other banks. Netspend also offers high-yield savings accounts, anytime alerts, overdraft services, and purchase cushions, as well as payback rewards and a zero liability policy that protects customers from fraudulent charges.

Netspend Bank Statement Template


Netspend allows customers to easily view their transaction history and current balance using their app or online banking services. However, they’ll need to contact Netspend’s customer service team to receive a traditional bank statement. Customers can contact customer service either by phone or by written correspondence and request a Netspend bank statement.

If customers want to view their transaction history or view their current balance, the process is much simpler. They can do either using Netspend’s online account center or the company’s mobile app. Alternatively, customers can sign up for anytime alerts which gives Netspend permission to provide their account balance after every transaction via text message.

If customers prefer, they can also call the number on the back of their Netspend card to obtain their current balance. When they call this number, they’ll reach an automated telephone service with simple prompts. The prompts will not give an option for transaction history, though. If customers decide to speak to customer service rather than use the automated telephone prompts, Netspend does assess a fee. That fee may apply when customers call to request a bank statement as well. So, Netspend’s online and mobile banking services are the best way to access banking information if possible.

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