Monese Bank Statement Template

Monese Bank is an e-banking or mobile money service for both personal and business accounts in the UK. Introduced in 2015, Monese was the first mobile app alternative to traditional banking and founded its service on making financial transactions instantaneous, easy, and secure.

The company offers contactless, document-free access so that banking can be done entirely through virtual means. Monese’s encrypted security features protect personal info, and automatic bills protection and purchase protection plans offer insurance for enrolled customers.

The service has multiple levels of usage to suit individual budgets, beginning with a free Starter account and working up to Premium level. Other features include a debit card, budget and saving tools, no-fee money transfers (within the UK), and international transfer options across currency exchanges.

The Monese app is linkable to PayPal, Avios, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for easy and secure payments.

Monese Bank Statement Template

Monese customers can access their bank account statement anytime by downloading a .pdf or Excel sheet from the app.

Tap the “Home” button, then “Account Details.” If you have multiple accounts with Monese, the app may ask you to choose which account you want to access. Choose “Get a Statement” and a date range, and the app will prompt you to download a file.

Once the file is opened, you’ll see the bank logo in blue. The user’s personal information is at the top left of a Monese bank statement, including their name, address, account number, sort code, and bank ID. A box at the top right displays account balance and a summary of recent transactions. The bottom part of the document is an itemized statement within the date parameters listed. This statement shows the date, vendor/individual conducting the transaction, details, conversion (if applicable), and total amount of money exchanged.

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