Minnesota Car title Template

Minnesota Car title Template

In Minnesota, all vehicles must have a title to prove ownership. When buying a car from a dealer, the dealer will provide you with the title. For private sales, the seller must sign over the title to the buyer.

To transfer a title, the buyer and seller must complete the transfer of title form on the back of the title. IDs are required from both parties. The buyer then has 10 days to register the vehicle and apply for a new title.

To get a new title, you must bring the signed-over title, bill of sale, vehicle registration, driver’s license, and fees to the DMV. Standard car title fees are around $10. Expedited titles cost extra.

Lost titles can be replaced for a $16 duplicate title fee. You’ll need to provide ownership documentation like registration and your driver’s license.

Car titles show the vehicle’s owner, lienholder if financed, and status like salvage. Keep your title secure but accessible in case you need to prove ownership.

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