Lloyds Bank Statement Template

Lloyd’s Bank is a commercial and retail bank in the United Kingdom. It is the largest bank in Britain with over 30 million customers and £436 billion in total assets. Lloyds Bank is a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, PLC, a financial services conglomerate that includes commercial and retail banking, along with investing and insurance.

Lloyds is a full-service internet and in-person bank with all products and services available online, as well as over 700 branches across the UK. They offer classic spending accounts, savings, lending, financing, and investing products and services.

Lloyds Bank Statement Template

To view bank statements online, go to the ‘My Accounts’ tab after signing into Lloyds online banking. Click the ‘View Statement’ tab on whichever account you’d like to view. It will take you to your current month statement, but you can also scroll back to previous months and search by transaction or date.

The first page of a statement from Lloyds Bank includes all of your customer information at the top. Below your customer information is the account information, type of account, and summary of the statement month. The summary shows the starting balance, money in, money out, and remaining balance.

Below the summary is an overview of interest earned that month and any fees incurred. If there are fees (such as an overdraft or any associated account fees), there will be an explanation on the right side of the page. Starting on the following page is a list of all transactions for the statement of that month in numerical order. For each transaction, the date, description, type (debit, credit, deposit, etc.), amount of money in or money out, and the account balance are listed after the transaction. Each monthly statement with the complete list of transactions can be viewed or printed as a PDF.

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