Kyrgyzstan Passport PSD Template

Kyrgyzstan Passport PSD Template

A Kyrgyz passport is an identification document issued by the Kyrgyz government for international travel and visa applications.Holders of a Kyrgyz passport can enter about 68 countries and regions without a visa, including some countries in Asia, Africa and South America.The number of visa-free countries for Kyrgyzstan passports is relatively small, but holders can still enjoy certain conveniences in international travel.According to the international travel freedom ranking website Henley Passport Index, as of 2021, the global ranking of the Kyrgyz passport is 82nd, which is not high, but this does not affect the opportunities for Kyrgyz citizens to enjoy cultural, tourism and business activities in other countries .

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How to use:

1. Download the PSD file

2. Open photoshop or website, install fonts

3. Open the downloaded PSD file, modify fields, and replace photos

4. Export the picture or print it as the certificate you want

If you need a hand-held photo, just download and print

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