Japan EMS Invoice Japan Post Express Bill PDF Template

Note: This document does not show everything, it also contains several pages of bills.
EMS (Express Mail Service) is an international express delivery service provided by the Japan Post Office.The following is a brief introduction to Japanese EMS:

1. International Express Service: Japan EMS is a specialized express service designed to provide fast and secure international postal services, usually for sending packages and documents.

2. Fast delivery: EMS offers fast delivery options, typically delivering packages to international destinations within a few days of dispatch.This makes it a suitable method for sending time-sensitive items or documents.

3. Global coverage: EMS is not limited to Japan, it also provides services globally, cooperating with postal agencies in other countries and regions to achieve international delivery.

4. Tracking and Insurance: EMS usually provides tracking services, allowing senders and recipients to track the location and status of the package in real time.Additionally, it provides additional shipping insurance to protect the package while in transit.

5. Customized options: Senders can choose different options based on their needs, such as package size and weight, delivery speed and service level.

6. Customs duties and customs clearance: EMS also assists with customs duties and customs clearance procedures to ensure that the package can smoothly pass through customs and be delivered to the recipient.

7. Signature confirmation: EMS usually requires the recipient to sign for confirmation when receiving the package to ensure that the package has been delivered correctly to the appropriate person.

In short, Japan EMS is an efficient international express service that provides shippers with fast and reliable international shipping options.It is widely used to send documents, gifts, merchandise and other international packages. EMS usually provides additional services such as tracking, insurance, and customs clearance to ensure that packages reach their destination smoothly and safely.

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