Italy Edison electricity and Gas Enel Energia utility bill psd Template

Italy Edison electricity and Gas Enel Energia utility bill psd photoshop document psd Template

Italy utility bill template psd. If you are planning to buy a property in Italy you will need to consider how to set up the supply of utilities such as water, gas and electric to the property and arrange the payments for them. in Italy download electric and gas Utility Bill photoshop document Template | ITALY Utility Bill Psd Template | download free bill psd . Dealing with Italian utilities companies can be a daunting task, especially if you are not fluent in Italian. It is therefore becoming increasingly common for lawyers dealing with the purchase of property in Italy to offer services to arrange for the transfer of the utilities, especially if they regularly deal with UK clients buying in Italy.

Italy download electric and gas Utility Bill photoshop document Template

If you wish to save yourself the hassle of setting up the utilities for your Italian property including water, gas and electricity it may be worthwhile asking your Italian lawyer if they can assist you with this. We have however provided some helpful basic information below.

Before making any application for utilities in Italy you’ll need a valid tax number. The tax number is known as a Codice Fiscaleand you can find further information about this in our article How To Get a Codice FiscaleTax Number in Italy.

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ITALY Utility Bill Psd Template / Proof of address

Electricity bills for the average family could rise by anywhere between 17 and 25 percent from the start of next year, while gas bills are set to increase by as much as 50 percent, warned Davide Tabarelli, president of the research institute Nomisma Energia, in an interview with news agency Ansa on Wednesday.

Italian households recently saw a significant hike to their energy bills in October, when the price of electricity increased by 28.9 percent and gas by 14.4 percent. At the time, Italy’s government stepped in and allocated three billion euros to offset some of the costs and shield end consumers from the worst of the price increases. Without the measures, the increase passed on to individuals could have reached 45 percent, Italy’s energy regulatory authority Arera said. But energy costs in Italy are now set to soar again unless the government commits to setting additional price caps, Tabarelli warns.

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Italy download electric and gas Utility Bill photoshop document Template

The rental contract is your best friend. It will clearly state whether your rent includes or excludes utilities. If some utilities are included, it will point out which ones are still to be paid on top of the rent. Having your utilities included or excluded from your rent largely depends on the type of landlord you are renting from. Here is the list of the utilities that you can expect in Italy:

Building fees (spese condominiali)
Waste tax (TARI)

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