Huntington Bank Statement

Huntington Bank operates in 11 different states, including Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The bank has been around since 1866, and it’s well-known in the center regions of the United States. Huntington Bank has over 1,100 branch locations and more than 1,700 ATMs.

The bank has $142 million in deposits and around $175 billion in assets. Services range from checking and money market accounts to mortgages and brokerage and trust services. Huntington Bank also leases commercial equipment and can customize insurance brokerage and service programs. The company believes in approaching things with a caring service orientation and a “can-do attitude.”


Huntington Bank Statement Template


f you’re a customer and want to view your Huntington bank statement, you can see the past two years of activity online. Once you sign in to the bank’s web portal, you’ll want to go under your profile. From your profile, click on the tab labeled “statements.” You can print out statements to keep them on file, or you can contact the bank to request paper copies of older statements.

A Huntington bank statement typically has a summary section with your account number, beginning and ending balances, and total credits and debits. Underneath that, you’ll see a section that shows individual deposits or credits to your account. The next section will display every debit or withdrawal made against the account. The language in the statement may vary according to the type of account. For instance, a credit card statement will show payments versus charges. A checking or savings account will show each check or debit card transaction, along with your deposits. You may also have a separate section for interest payments. Money market and investment accounts will definitely show your accumulated interest or value losses, in addition to any regular or one-time deposits.

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