France Bouygues Utility Bills KYC address proof pdf template

France Bouygues Utility Bills KYC address proof pdf template

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Bouygues is a global engineering and construction company headquartered in France, founded in 1952.As one of France’s largest construction companies, Bouygues operates a wide range of businesses in the construction, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications sectors.

Bouygues offers a diverse range of products and services through its multiple business units.Bouygues Construction, a subsidiary of the group, specializes in construction and public works, undertaking projects of all sizes, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, bridges and roads. Bouygues Immobilier specializes in real estate development and management, creating modern residential and commercial areas.In addition, Bouygues Telecom is one of France’s leading telecommunications operators, providing communications and Internet services to personal and business customers.

Bouygues is renowned for its technical expertise, innovative spirit and quality excellence.The group has undertaken many challenging and iconic projects internationally, such as Olympic venues, large-scale infrastructure and energy projects. Bouygues is committed to sustainable development and actively adopts environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions to promote the development of green buildings and renewable energy.

As a multinational company, Bouygues has an extensive business network and partners around the world.The group operates in Europe, Asia, America and Africa and has established long-term cooperative relationships with governments, enterprises and communities.

All in all, Bouygues is a French conglomerate with engineering and construction as its core business.With its professional capabilities, innovative spirit and commitment to sustainable development, Bouygues is actively involved in various projects around the world and contributes to social and economic development.

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