Citi Bank Statement Word And Pdf Template 2024

Citi Bank Statement Word And Pdf Template 2024

This file appears to be a bank statement from Citibank for a checking account. Let me write a short article summarizing its key aspects:

“Decoding a Modern Bank Statement: A Look at Citibank’s 2024 Format

In an era of digital banking, paper statements remain a crucial record of one’s financial activity. The document in question is a Citibank checking account statement from February 2024, showcasing how bank statements have evolved to provide comprehensive information to account holders.

Key features of this statement include:

  1. Account Details: The statement clearly displays the account number, routing number, and SWIFT code for easy reference.
  2. Statement Period: Covering February 1-29, 2024, it provides a monthly snapshot of account activity.
  3. Fee Structure: The statement outlines the monthly service fee ($12.00) and conditions for waiving it, demonstrating transparency in banking costs.
  4. Balance Information: Beginning and ending balances are prominently displayed, allowing quick assessment of financial status.
  5. Customer Service: Contact information for various inquiries is provided, including options for customers with hearing impairments.
  6. Legal Information: The statement includes important disclaimers about FDIC insurance and error resolution procedures, ensuring customers are informed of their rights and protections.

This 2024 Citibank statement exemplifies how financial institutions strive to present clear, detailed information to their customers while adhering to regulatory requirements.”

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