China Traffic Compulsory Insurance policy PSD template

China Traffic Compulsory Insurance policy PSD template

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Compulsory traffic insurance refers to a kind of compulsory insurance in vehicle insurance, also known as compulsory motor vehicle traffic accident liability insurance.In most countries and regions, motor vehicle owners or drivers are required to purchase and carry compulsory traffic insurance with their vehicles when driving on the road.

The main purpose of compulsory traffic insurance is to protect third-party liability in traffic accidents, that is, to protect others’ personal injuries and property losses.Specifically, compulsory traffic insurance usually provides protection in the following aspects:

1. Third-party liability insurance: Compulsory traffic insurance will compensate third parties for personal injury or property damage caused by vehicle users.This includes medical bills, disability benefits, death benefits, and property damage benefits, among others.

2. Insurance liability limit: Compulsory traffic insurance usually has a certain insurance liability limit, which is the maximum compensation amount for each victim in each accident.Specific limits will vary depending on regional and national regulations.

3. Compulsory traffic insurance is generally a non-divided liability insurance, that is, no matter which party is responsible for the accident, the victim can apply for compensation from the compulsory traffic insurance company.

It should be noted that compulsory traffic insurance only provides liability protection for third parties and does not cover losses to the vehicle itself.If you want comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle, including vehicle loss, theft, natural disasters, etc., you may consider purchasing commercial auto insurance (such as vehicle damage insurance, theft insurance, third-party liability insurance, etc.).

The regulations and requirements for compulsory traffic insurance in each country and region may be different. It is recommended that you consult your local insurance agency or relevant departments to learn about the specific compulsory traffic insurance policies and purchase requirements.

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