Chime Bank Statement

Similar to PayPal, Chime is an online financial institution that has evolved over the years to become a leader in digital banking. Since Chime is not a bank but a technology company, it works in partnership with banking institutions, such as Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, to give customers online banking services.

Chime’s services include credit building, online payments, ATM access, and debit cards. Chime has become desirable because of its competitive interest rates and credit-building credit card. Ultimately, credit-building means that you can use the credit card to help your score.

You do not get a set credit limit. Instead, you put in the amount of money you can actually afford to spend, meaning you immediately pay off the amount owed. Plus, users get access to over 60,000 conveniently located ATMs.

Chime Bank Statement Template

As a technology company, Chime does not have any physical banking locations to visit in person to get your statement. Instead, Chime offers all customers access to their statements paperless online, which is convenient and great for the environment. If you need to access your statement, whether for your debit card transactions or credit card, you can reach them from your account on

After you login to your account, you will need to navigate to the statement option of the left-hand menu. From there, you can request your statement to print or download to your computer.

Chime gives you access to 60-days worth of statement information. If you notice a problem within those 60-days or would like an extended Chime bank statement report, you will need to contact the businesses customer service line for assistance. You can also contact Chime if you would like to receive a paper statement since they do not automatically send these types out to customers.

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