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RBC, or Royal Bank of Canada, prides itself on its ability to link Canadians to their funds while they visit the United States. They service Canadian snowbirds, ex-pats living in the US, and leisure travelers.

RBC has over 17 million clients across the globe. It is the largest bank in Canada. RBC offers standard banking, credit cards, loans, and even mortgages for Canadians who want to purchase property in the United States. RBC provides cross-border banking, which makes it easy for Canadians to pay their bills back home while on extended vacations or temporary moves to the US.

One of the best things about RBC is they do currency conversions for their customers, so travelers no longer need to worry about exchange fees.
RBC Bank Statement Template
RBC Bank Statement –
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RBC offers eStatements, which means customers can go paperless. However, if a customer wants a paper copy after going digital, there are steps to acquire the paperwork they need. To get a paper statement, the customer will need to either call 1-800-769-2553 or sign in to their online banking account. From there, the customer can change their settings under “Profile and Preferences” then “Statement Preferences. Customers should note that there may be an added fee for paper statements.

RBC offers online statements for customers’ deposit accounts, credit cards, loans, and lines of credit. Customers can access these through their online banking account. The RBC bank statements are also available for download, so customers can print them at home if they so choose.
Business Bank Statement – Royal Bank Of Canada –
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The bank has multiple options in addition to eStatements, including monthly paper statements with or without images of cheques. Customers can even get full and mini statements at any RBC ATM. A mini statement from the ATM is the only other 100% free option besides eStatements. RBC bank statements include the beginning and ending balance for the selected period, charges, deposits, and withdrawals.

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